Samuel Bitton – Swiss Alps 2022

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Samuel Bitton – Swiss Alps 2022

Samuel Bitton is a professional nature and landscape photographer based in the Valais Alps. His work is regularly awarded in different prestigious international photography competitions. He collaborates with world-renowned companies, as well as with local businesses, tourist information centres, magazine, book, calendar and postcard editors, etc. He organises various photo workshops in the Swiss mountains where he is pleased to share his experience and knowledge. His fine art prints regularly find their place in the homes of private collectors as well as businesses all around the world.

Deeply passionate about the mountains, with a profound love for wild places, his quest for new images is unbound. This is why he spends most of his time photographing the Swiss Alps, his most favourite subject. Every year, he is pleased to share with you a selection of his best images in this “Swiss Alps” calendar.

Dimensions: 59 x 29 cm
Language: de/fr/it/engl
Paper: glossy coated white, 170 gm², FSC-Mix